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BEST STATE FAIR FOOD Minneapolis 2003 - Honey Sunflower Ice-Cream

Readers' Choice: Cheese Curds

The honey sunflower ice-cream vendor is a well-kept secret among people who are fortunate enough to stumble upon it, hidden away in a little corner of the Agriculture-Horticulture Building. Patrons have their choice of two flavors, honey and chocolate honey, both packed with a swirl of sunflower seeds just salty enough to offset the sweetness. It's served up as one or two plentiful scoops, either in a cup or on a sugar or waffle cone. True enough, it does not come on a stick, but it more than compensates by being refreshingly cold and not sitting in your stomach like a roll of quarters (cheese curds, I'm looking at you). Almost as good as the ice cream is the scenery around the vendor. While you eat you can check out the display of live bees making the honey that went into your ice cream.

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