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BEST PLACE TO TAKE OUT OF TOWN GUESTS Minneapolis 2003 - Minnehaha Park and Falls

Minnehaha Park and Falls

Minnehaha Park and Falls

4801 Minnehaha Ave.

Minneapolis, MN 55440


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Here in the Twin Cities, we're so accustomed to gorgeous parks that it's easy to take them for granted. With fewer thrills than Valleyfair and far less Santana memorabilia than Hard Rock, Mother Nature still has a leg up on the usual man-made tourist attractions. Pack a picnic (or at least order takeout) and head to Minnehaha Falls for a Minnesotan experience that should be at the top of your guest itinerary. Naked feet move freely through grass without fear of sharp debris. Expanses of free space are ripe for ultimate Frisbee and water balloon fights. Just keep an eye on the kids, because waterfalls have an irresistible allure. Set within the city limits, Minnehaha Falls is a reason for living here. Show it off.

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