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BEST HIP-HOP RADIO PROGRAM Minneapolis 2003 - 2 the Break-A-Dawn

Readers' Choice: B96

Self-promotional? Sure. Hosts Siddiq and DJ K-Salaam are, respectively, a founder of the local hip-hop operation Rhymesayers Entertainment and a DJ on the label. Siddiq launched the program just as he and some friends were opening a new record shop in Uptown three years ago, so you might call the show savvy marketing. But 2 the Break-A-Dawn (Saturdays 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.) has become something more: a political community center with weekly news briefs by Siddiq's pal Bruno, and dissident rap tracks you won't hear anywhere else (to quote the Beastie Boys antiwar single: "Now don't get us wrong we love America/But that's no reason to get hystericah"). What's more, weekly airtime for Rhymesayers artists also means playtime--the kind of freestyle improvisation and live mixing so rarely heard on radio. If this is advertising, we'll buy it.

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