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BEST BEACH Minneapolis 2003 - Bare Ass Beach

Readers' Choice: Lake Calhoun

First of all, it bears noting that last year's winner, Hidden Beach, is no longer so hidden. Much of its seclusion and charm have been stripped away under the pretext of buckthorn eradication. Sadly, a defilement of another sort threatens Bare Ass Beach, which is why you should get your fanny down there soon, before the place is deemed off limits entirely. Bare Ass is something of a mixed-use facility where bohemians, freaks, and cruisers gather to enjoy the water and one another in roughly equal measure. Nudity is by no means the rule, though, and we are unaware of any licentious behavior having taken place there. The beach, at least, is a modest affair: perhaps 50 yards of pebble-strewn sand on the southeast edge of Twin Lake. Your best gambit might be to bring a flotation device and drift around its 20-odd acres. When the flora are in full bloom, there is nary a manmade structure to be seen. But alas, ground has already been broken for a string of new homes across the lake. The new residents might all turn out to be groovy hedonists themselves, but somehow we doubt it.

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Hey! what's the idea, I've just been BULLIED off!!!. More about it in about a couple of months.


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