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BEST USED FURNITURE (VINTAGE) Minneapolis 2002 - Theatre Antiques

Theatre Antiques

Theatre Antiques

2934 Lyndale Ave. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55408


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There's only one place in town where you can get a life-size Barbara Eden-like replica of a genie holding an upright lamp. Of course, you might not need a life-size Barbara Eden-like replica of a genie holding an upright lamp. But as soon as you step into Theater Antiques, you suddenly feel as if that item were exactly what you've been searching for all of your vintage-furniture-shopping days. It's either the genie or the golden antique telephone with the ridiculously large receiver. Or the tiny wooden table with swirling flowers carved ever-so-delicately into the sides. Considering Theater Antiques' fairly steep prices, you'd better hope there's only one or two must-haves amid the wide array of retro footstools, velvety chairs, and delightfully kitschy chandeliers. (It's also helpful to remind yourself that if you bought everything here, your living space might resemble a John Waters movie set.) But browsing through these eccentricities, you're sure to find that special item that you've been looking for--or not looking for.

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Samuel Nelson
Samuel Nelson

Haha, it is so true! I always find things I am not looking for, which is why I don't go into antique shops very often. Some of my favorite stuff to look at is the used furniture. What do you have in terms of furniture?


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