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BEST NATURAL FOODS GROCERY Minneapolis 2002 - Seward Co-Op Grocery & Deli

Seward Co-Op Grocery & Deli

Seward Co-Op Grocery & Deli

2823 E. Franklin Ave.

Minneapolis, MN 55406


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Readers' Choice: Whole Foods Market

Co-ops are definitely not for the Birkenstock set anymore--haven't been for years. But Seward has largely bucked the trend toward boutique organic and is celebrating 30 years in the business with its homegrown values, and products, intact. Along with a plethora of grown-without-chemicals products, the co-op also offers enough deli goods to make for a satisfying lunch destination, including fresh sandwiches, fruit smoothies, Fair Trade coffees, and ready-to-heat lasagna, pad thai, mashed potatoes, and other comfort foods. Seward's supply of homeopathic aids and vitamins is comprehensive, and bulk herbs and teas are available for the connoisseur. While the overall selection may not be as highbrow or varied as that of other members in the Twin Cities Natural Foods Co-ops system, there's something more, dare we say it, down-to-earth about Seward. And in this day and age, that's certainly worth honoring.

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