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BEST KOREAN RESTAURANT Minneapolis 2002 - Hoban Korean Restaurant

Hoban Korean Restaurant

Hoban Korean Restaurant

1989 Silver Bell Road

Eagan, MN 55122


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Have you noticed kalbi marinated pork at local supermarkets? Even a scant five years ago, Korean food was considered pretty darn far out of the mainstream, but nowadays a significant chunk of the population sees it with the same familiarity as they do Creole or Greek. Fantastic! So everyone who loves that soy, ginger, and sugar marinade is hereby encouraged to hop in her car and careen down to Eagan, where the Cities' most reliable Korean restaurant resides in an unprepossessing strip mall. Start with an order of man do dumplings ($3.50), translucent pockets of beef and onions that live in the same family as pierogi or gyoza. Try some big barbecued beef ribs in a sweet chili sauce ($12.95), and broiled, salted fish kui. Your hosts will set pan-chan--a series of pickled or preserved vegetable-based dishes--on the table, and what you do is put portions of your entrée on your individual bowl of rice, add as many bits of pan-chan as you like as sides (à la cole slaw) or seasonings (à la chutney) and proceed.

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