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BEST ICE CREAM PARLOR Minneapolis 2002 -

2034 Marshall Ave.

St. Paul, MN 55104


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Standing in line at Izzy's is an arduous endeavor. Not only is the scent of the sweet, creamy frozen confections almost overpowering, but the longer you stand there--and in summer the queue usually goes out the door--the more often you'll change your mind about which mouthwatering flavor to order. Cinnamon bun? Pistachio? Strawberry cheesecake? Cotton candy? Chocolate? Vanilla? The list seems endless. Fortunately, when your turn comes and you finally decide, the clerk will ask, "What kind of Izzy would you like with that?" For the uninitiated: An Izzy is a melon-ball-size scoop of ice cream that tops the (much larger) scoop you ordered, a chance to add another flavor from the list! As if inventing the Izzy scoop wasn't already a revolution in ice cream, this delightful parlor keeps the innovations coming. There's the Izzy Pop, a diminutive Izzy scoop dipped in chocolate. There's the malted waffle cone, a freshly made cone sealed at the bottom with a malted milk ball. And then there's the latest and greatest, the Izzabella--a waffle cone whose edge is dipped in chocolate, then rolled in Marcona almonds; there's a chocolate-covered almond at the base of the cone, and every Izzabella comes with its own fortune. Our prediction for your future? You'll be returning to Izzy's.

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