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BEST BREAD Minneapolis 2002 - New French Bakery

New French Bakery

New French Bakery

2609 26th Ave. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55406


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What an exquisite burden it is to select the best bread in the Twin Cities: So many chewy crusts to sample! So many flaky morsels to savor! Every year brings more contenders to the table. But until one figures out how to trump the perfect combination of light texture, delicate flavor, and crisp crust found in the typical New French product, we'll cast our lot with this longtime favorite. Take the baguette, for example. Forgo the serrated bread knife and rip it apart with your hands. The loaf crackles open like a Bastille Day fireworks display to reveal the telltale air pockets that are the sign of a well-made loaf. And then there are the Italian selections, stirato and ciabatta. Mop up some pesto or marinara sauce with these dense divas, and you'll find yourself singing an aria.

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