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2719 Nicollet Ave. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55408


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Readers' Choice: Lotus Restaurant

As Morrissey sang, we hate it when our friend become successful. "What," we start to wonder, "are they too good for us now?" If your friend is a restaurant, you're bound to feel the same proprietary interest. Take the case of Quang. The success of this Minneapolis perennial--they recently moved into larger, brighter digs across the street from their former home--tracks with the renaissance of Nicollet Avenue's "Eat Street." The secret of Quang's unassuming excellence is undoubtedly out; on weekend evenings it's sometimes difficult to get a table. But although success often breeds hype, this workhorse of local Vietnamese cuisine stays a true course: good, fresh, inexpensive food sans frills. The best choices here are invariably the simplest: The noodle soups and salads, flavored with refreshing bursts of lime and cilantro, are always a casual joy (and, at less than $6, an affordable one). The bánh-mì sandwiches--delicious fillings snuggling comfortably in a bed of soft bread--remain one of the best lunch options around. We might feel a little left behind by Quang's growing popularity, but this longtime friend's familiar embrace keeps us coming back.

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Food’s great! Unfortunately, they've had very, VERY POOR customer services for awhile now. I go to check them out once in a blue moon hoping for improvement but it hasn't happened yet. Quang's is a family owned restaurant. Perhaps the workers there are family members who are overly exhausted. They need to hire non-family members as workers, especially in the front register area!-It's a nightmare there! I'm disappointed to say that Quang's is never a first option for me.

Quang’s, although your food is tasteful, business will become distasteful if you don’t get new and better management in there soon! For the sake of your family business, I hope you will consider all the current comments here.


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