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BEST THEATER FOR COMEDY Minneapolis 2001 - The Acadia Cafe and Cabaret

The Acadia Cafe and Cabaret

The Acadia Cafe and Cabaret

329 S. Cedar Ave.

Minneapolis, MN 55454


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Comedy is pretty mobile in the Twin Cities. Let us take as an example comedian/storyteller Ari Hoptman, who has in the past year performed at the Bryant-Lake Bowl, Intermedia Arts, the Phoenix Playhouse, a Minneapolis church, and Berlin. One suspects that if there were no venue at all, Hoptman would simply take a soapbox to Powderhorn Park, stand atop it, and begin shouting his monologues at passersby. As ambulatory as local comedy may be, however, there is one venue that the funny stuff keeps coming back to: The Acadia Café and Cabaret. This place has seen Hoptman onstage twice in the past few months, as well as providing a monthly home to the subversive sketch and improv comedy of the Scrimshaw Brothers. Additionally, the Acadia is the regular haunt of the Brave New Institute-trained Velvet Elvises, for our money the best local troupe working in the long-form improv style known as the Harold.

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