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BEST TATTOO PARLOR Minneapolis 2001 - Electric Dragonland

For Shahn Anderson, it's personal. Anderson, owner of Electric Dragonland, not only manages the shop's overall business plan; he also oversees such minutiae as mixing ink pigments and building the tattoo needles. This time-consuming approach might prevent Electric Dragonland from expanding into a franchise, but it ensures unique, high-quality work. Anderson has an international client list, a three-to-four-month wait for his services, and a rack full of awards, including a spot on Tattoo magazine's "Decade's Favorite" list. "Every tattoo is one of a kind," the 13-year veteran says of his ambitious designs, known for their intricacy and vivid colors. Even the out-of-the-catalog patterns are personalized, so Dragonland customers won't see an identical rose tattoo on another shoulder. The only designs you can't get at Electric Dragonland are hate- or gang-related ones. "We won't take part in something we don't believe in," Anderson says. "We provide something you'll feel good with."

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