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BEST SELF-PROMOTION Minneapolis 2001 - Mike Hatch

Having twice run unsuccessfully for governor (in 1990 and 1994), Mike Hatch tried a new gambit in 1988, and it paid off. Casting healthcare companies as the Devil, Hatch won the DFL primary and then defeated Republican Charlie Weaver in the general election. And he has been on a tear ever since. Sometimes it seems Hatch is on TV more than an ambulance-chasing lawyer. He sued U.S. Bancorp for peddling confidential customer information to a telemarketer, and Minnesota Public Radio for its reckless use of the word occasionally to describe how often they sold membership lists to other groups. More recently he set his sights on Allina Health System and its executive perks. Hatch's modus operandi--drop the bomb via press conference, using the media coverage to embarrass his target on the ten o'clock news--has not won much kudos...until now, that is. Battle on, Mike!

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