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BEST MUSIC STORE (CORPORATE BEHEMOTH) Minneapolis 2001 - Guitar Center

Guitar Center

Guitar Center

3650 Hazelton Road

Edina, MN 55435


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Even if the cool, corporate climate is an affront to your rock 'n' roll sensibilities, the selection at Edina's Guitar Center is far and away the best in town. Besides a staggering collection of standards--guitars, drums, and keyboards--the superstore also has the area's best selection of computer software for home recording. The prices run in the mid-range (you'll have to lay down $500 for a Telecaster). And while you shop for deals (a Shure vocal mic, cable, and stand is a mere $100), it's good to beware of the occasional rip-off (drum knickknacks like sticks and heads tend to sell at the high end). The store carries 10,000 items and more than $4 million of inventory at any given time. But if the Edina store doesn't have it, you can check their Roseville location or send the staff on a hunting expedition. With 90 stores nationwide acting as a coast-to-coast warehouse, they are apt to get you playing lickety-split.

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