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BEST LOCAL GIRL GONE BAD Minneapolis 2001 -

Remember the good old days, when there were people who cared about reality TV? The early money was on "spunky" 25-year-old drug-company sales rep Brittany Petros to outlast her housemates/foes on Big Brother. Hometown rival Jean Jordan, for one, was an ex-stripper who came off as a borderline sociopath. (See "Best Local Girl Made Good" previous.) But there were mitigating factors: the hair, for instance, which made Brittany look like an extra from a Culture Club video. And, for a moment there, Brittany's penchant for earnestly (and often tearfully) discussing her virginity with her housemates made us wonder if perhaps a Minneapolitan might become the first person in history to be deflowered on prime-time national TV. Alas, it wasn't to be. In late August, nearly a month after Jordan got the heave-ho, Brittany became Big Brother casualty number four. The ignominy of it all.

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