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BEST JAPANESE RESTAURANT Minneapolis 2001 - Fuji Ya's

Fuji Ya\'s

Fuji Ya's

600 W. Lake St.

Minneapolis, MN 55408


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Readers' Choice: Fuji Ya

So just what is it that makes a great Japanese restaurant? Good sushi, a pretty dining room, tender noodles, light tempura, pleasant service, good bento boxes, and a good sake list. Yes, yes, Fuji Ya's new location on Lake Street has all of that, yes. To gild the sundae, they also have a couple of standout surprises: The grilled yellowtail cheek is amazing (and a good splurge for the pregnant and those wanting sushi without wanting sushi), the oshinko (pickled vegetable) platter is the best in town, vegan options are available, and the coming outdoor patio looks to be a winner. The best restaurants are embedded in the fiber of the place they're from--there would be no Harry's Bar outside of Venice--and Fuji Ya's chic front bar, with its tip of the hat to Nye's in the gold-flecked booth, is so utterly Minneapolis, it just makes the place that much greater.

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