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BEST GOURMET GROCERY Minneapolis 2001 - Turtle Bread

Turtle Bread

Turtle Bread

3421 W. 44th St.

Minneapolis, MN 55410


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Readers' Choice: Byerly's

One day the lottery will be won and, to paraphrase Scarlett O'Hara, with God as our witness, we'll never go grocery shopping again! Never pushing a cart through the over-lighted, endless, despairing maze, certainly. Instead, we'll do all the shopping at Turtle Bread. We'll throw a darling little basket over one arm and pick up a loaf of bread, a package or two of Turtle's precious homemade olive-oil crackers, and some fancy olive oil, maybe some mustard, a couple of quarts of homemade soup, a bag of organic salad greens, some olives, a bit of cheese, a just-roasted organic chicken baked in sea salt (if you don't see a chicken, ask; they're often just in the back), a few slices of pie--actually, make that a whole pie, we are lottery winners, after all--some B.T. McElrath chocolates, and whoosh, back into the limo. You see, Turtle will have done all the selecting for us, because they cull the best products from the world of fancy foods, and the things are more attractively arranged and priced lower than they are at comparable local places. Yes, fruit would seem to be the one flaw in this plan. Thankfully, that's why God made downstairs maids.

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