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BEST ELECTRONICS (PROLETARIAN) Minneapolis 2001 - Best Buy

Best Buy

Best Buy

15300 Cedar Ave.

Apple Valley, MN 55124


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Call us philistines--even blasphemers--of the digital age, but some of us are not struck by beatific visions upon finding a camcorder with "XGA-pro digipure-i.Link enhanced-progressive scan-180,000 pixel CCD." If we can manage the "record" button, we'll take it. And that's why that giant yellow tag in the sky, with the logo illuminated in one-stop-shop neon, beckons us from interstates and strip malls. Because (again, pardon our digitech whoredom) it's fast, cheap, and easy. Because the staff do not vilify askers of stupid questions--they anticipate them. Because each section of the store--from appliances to computers to cell phones to audio equipment--has a handful of quality brands (well, good enough for us simple people, anyway) from which to choose. Because the store has practically everything, often at $10 to $20 bucks less than the competition. And finally, because you can't drive beyond any city limits without running into one of these behemoths.

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