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BEST CD STORE (USED) Minneapolis 2001 - Cheapo



1300 W. Lake St.

Minneapolis, MN 55408


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Readers' Choice: Cheapo Discs

If you're not careful, this place will suck you in like a toilet does a toddler's bottom. One could spend hours upon hours scouring the spacious store's new and used stock, which encompasses nearly every established genre of music (club, rap, jazz/blues, soundtracks, unconventional). An avid supporter of the local music scene, Cheapo Discs' Lake Street location not only allows local artists to consign CDs through their store, but also features a Radio K listening station. Additional headphones border the walls, allowing shoppers to aurally taste-test new releases that they might not have otherwise given a chance. On the same note, Cheapo also grants consumers the try-before-you-buy privilege on their thousands upon thousands of used CDs, so you can decide before shelling out $8 that the latest Old Dirty Bastard release is crap, and subsequently warn your friends.

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