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BEST CANDY STORE Minneapolis 2001 - Candyland

Arnie Kelsey, St. Paul's legendary candyman, got into the popcorn business in 1932, when he bought a stand next to the now-vanished Riviera Theater. Over the next few decades, Kelsey expanded his shop, added a confectionery, and moved to Wabasha, where the beloved Candyland still stands, an aromatic reminder of St. Paul's glory days. Although the store's range of sugary delights has expanded over the years, Candyland has kept something of its original flavor, from the warning over the counter ("Diet is a four-letter word. Please refrain from using it.") to Kelsey's original fudge recipes. (Kelsey retired in the early Eighties.) A few years back, the store was threatened by the expansion of the St. Paul Companies--the sour side of downtown's Colemanization--but justice was served and Candyland endures, bringing joy and cavities to sweet-toothed St. Paulites.

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