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BEST BEER SELECTION IN A BAR Minneapolis 2001 - Bryant-Lake Bowl

Bryant-Lake Bowl

Bryant-Lake Bowl

810 W. Lake St.

Minneapolis, MN 55408


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Eighteen beers on tap. Eighteen! Pilsner Urquell, Bell's Amber, Hop Ottin' IPA, Grain Belt--all for a mere $3.75 a pint, and that's not even counting the special, guest beers. Then, another 15 lagers in cans or bottles--from Hamm's in cans to Sapporo. Ten ales of every stripe, from cult-favorite Theakston's Old Peculiar (at $3.75 not much more than you pay at the beer store) to Young's Old Nick Barley Wine. Add in half a dozen more stouts, half a dozen porters, and then, factor in 16 more Belgian beers, like Cantillon Iris and Orval Trappiste. Omigod! If you've been doing the math along with us you know that that adds up to more than one zillion beers, of alarming range and quality. The fact that you get to drink it with a soundtrack of not-too-far-off bowling just makes the experience all the sweeter.

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