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BEST ART SUPPLIES Minneapolis 2001 - Wet Paint

Wet Paint

1684 Grand Ave.

St. Paul, MN 55105


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Once upon a time, artists didn't have supply stores to feed their jones for a tube of cerulean-blue oil paint, or for a No. 8 flat-bristle sable brush, or for 300-pound cold-press aquarelle paper. Back then, burgeoning Rembrandts and Vermeers had to grind their own pigment, press the linseed, mix in the egg yolks, pluck the sable, stretch the canvas, lay down the gesso, and so on. It is lucky for us, then, that in these harried times there is Wet Paint, offering an endless array of quality artistic media at competitive prices. The narrow aisles of this just-big-enough boutique are brimming with all the paints, brushes, papers, and various artistic accouterments necessary for modern art aficionados. Plus, the staff is as friendly and uniformly knowledgeable as any you are likely to find this side of the industrial age.

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