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BEST VIDEO RENTAL Minneapolis 2000 -

Readers' Choice: Hollywood Video

Honestly, we wish there was a bit more competition for this title, but on the basis of the three most important criteria for a video store--selection, selection, and selection--the venerable Discount continues to beat other tape rental outlets by the stretch of a T-180. Atoning for the defiantly unalphabetized holdings in the store itself, the user-friendly Web site not only allows the prospective renter to peruse the entire 13,000-title catalog in search of obscurities, but links each film to its respective listing in the Internet Movie Database for research purposes. The "Cult Movies" section in particular is to die for--although, to quibble a bit, the documentary selection isn't at all what it should be. Another drawback is the fact that Discount's die-hard tapeheads aren't apt to rent DVDs anytime this decade.

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