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BEST SUSHI Minneapolis 2000 - Fuji-Ya



600 W. Lake St.

Minneapolis, MN 55408


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Fresh, creative, imaginative--don't come to Fuji-Ya for a standard plate of bland tuna, exhausted boiled shrimp, or crinkling-dry salmon. Do come for exquisite examples of a sushi chef's art. Fear not, even though local sushi master Tengo left to head the Minneapolis Athletic Club's new restaurant venture, his former assistant Xao Yang--known to all as Fefu--is carrying the torch just fine. Report to Fefu's counter for bluefin tuna toro as dark as winter dusk, for avocado sliced as thin as paper wrapped around sweet broiled eel, for oshinko pickle rolls as snappy as castanets. Sushi aficionados already have Fuji-Ya on speed-dial (peak-hour reservations are a must!); their calendars are also starred for late August, when the restaurant plans to move to Lake Street just east of Lyndale.

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