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BEST RESTAURANT FOR DESSERT Minneapolis 2000 - Big Daddy

Big Daddy

Big Daddy

609 University Ave. W.

St. Paul, MN 55103


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Readers' Choice: Cafe Latté

Figured you'd see Aquavit--or, for that matter, Goodfellow's, Oceanaire, Zelo--in this space, right? Well guess again, Mac, because while the desserts that come from the hands of actual pastry chefs can be prettier than a cash machine spraying Jacksons, we figure there ain't no dessert beats a classic American layer cake or classic American pie--and nobody does those better than Big Daddy. Drop by for drop-dead lemon chiffon pie, pecan pie, and even that never-seen test of dessert smarts, chess pie. And please, the rest of you, don't pout. Everybody already knows you're cute.

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