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BEST QUICKIE DIVORCE Minneapolis 2000 - L & M Legal Services

There are times when technology complicates life (cf. Palm Pilots), and then there are times when it makes life wonderfully easy. With L&M, for instance, it's nearly possible to get divorced without ever leaving home. The company is a local paralegal service that has been processing "amicable" divorces for more than a decade, giving couples willing to be adults about it the option of circumventing lawyers and the attendant expenses in favor of a quick, clean separation of assets. One guy we know who used this service to end his seven-year marriage compared it to buying a Saturn--only easier. You hook up to the Web site, print the "Get Started" form, and mail it in with a $99 payment. Then you and your ex-to-be receive a package of forms by mail, fill them out (about ten pages' worth) and send them in, sign the court documents they send back, and file them (court costs: $132 in Hennepin County). There's probably no such thing as a painless divorce, but in many cases this is less work than it takes to get married in the first place.

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