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BEST FARMERS' MARKET Minneapolis 2000 - St. Paul Farmers' Market

St. Paul Farmers\' Market

St. Paul Farmers' Market

5th St. and Wall St.

St. Paul, MN 55101


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Oh, we had ideas. For once, this year, we were going to tab a winner other than St. Paul. Maybe somewhere out in the suburbs, closer to the source; maybe in a neighborhood parking lot, where we'd see kids selling produce from community gardens. And we did find other markets--complete with the Hmong and the hippies, the goat-cheese makers and sweet-corn peelers and the rose-hip-jam-canners too. Complete, even, with our beloved 50-mile rule, which limits sales to things made or grown within an hour's drive from St. Paul, thus forcing us as nothing else does to remember where we live: no strawberries in August, no squash in May, and definitely no peaches, ever. We were all prepared to give the Best of the Twin Cities statuette to the farmers' market in Cottage Grove, or Maplewood, or at St. Luke's Church in Selby-Dale--when we discovered that they're all part of the same racket: the St. Paul Growers' Association. Schedules for the 12 locations are conveniently spread out throughout the week, meaning that theoretically, you could shop the St. Paul Farmers' Market every single day--somewhere.

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