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BEST CITY STATUTE Minneapolis 2000 - Ordinance 385.360

We were tempted to choose the Minneapolis provision governing "hats, conduct in theaters," which bars the wearing of "any headgear" in a "theater, auditorium or place of amusement." Or the one that says, "No person, in any public or private place, shall enter a toilet designated for the use of the opposite sex..." Or the law that bans "climbing a building without consent." But in the end, our favorite had to be Minneapolis Ordinance 385.360, governing "Advertising sexual remedies." In the age of Viagra, the law virtually exudes Victorian quaintness: "No person shall publish or cause to be published any advertisement intended to imply or to be understood that he will restore manly vigor, treat or cure lost manhood, lost power, stricture, gonorrhea, chronic discharges, gleet, varicocele, chancroid, syphilis, or private diseases." Ahem. Hell, just reading the thing is enough to restore "manly vigor."

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