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BEST CHICKEN WINGS Minneapolis 2000 - Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings

4811 Central Ave. NE

Columbia Heights, MN 55421


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Readers' Choice: Buffalo Wild Wings

This bird doesn't do tricks. There are no "flames" to select from (one flame="sizzling," two flames="scorching," etc.). There are no flavors of the day, no stunt sauces. Just a good excuse, for only $6.95, to order another cold beer. Basted with a subtle, teriyaki glaze, these wings are slow-cooked until the skin turns to caramel. A simple three-mustard sauce accents the smoky flavor without leaving a blister. A sweet barbecue sauce is on hand for purists. And because the meat is grilled over an open flame, then baked, not drowned in hand-me-down French-fry oil, it's moist without being greasy, fulfilling without being filling. Which isn't to say you won't need a napkin or two.

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