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BEST ART SUPPLIES Minneapolis 2000 - Wet Paint's

Wet Paint's

1684 Grand Ave.

St. Paul, MN 55105


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Some might be drawn to bargain-basement deals at chain stores, but let's face it, these are the same people who buy all their shoes at Foot Locker. For the rest of us, there's Wet Paint. Why spend the slight amount of extra money and brave the no-elbow-room narrow aisles of this filled-to-bursting corner art shop? Because nowhere else in the Twin Cities can you get engaged in a spontaneous six-person debate on the relative merits of various brands of acrylic paint. Or find a piece of unmounted linoleum in a size no big store would bother to carry. Or that extremely rare and wondrously vibrant burnt-orange paper from Thailand that you've been looking for forever. For the best and most knowledgeable salespeople, the widest and most surprisingly comprehensive collection of all sorts of art supplies, books, magazines, and the like, and for the best dose of artistic je ne sais quoi this side of Paris, Wet Paint's the place.

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