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BEST THRIFT STORE Minneapolis 1998 -

Readers' Choice: Ragstock

At DAV, the piles of junk and whatsits stay in the back room; here, merchandise that is for sale is neatly organized and in solid condition. You may be a bit less likely to find a hidden treasure, but most of what you buy will be worth hauling up the stairs to your apartment: On a recent visit, we were startled to find several TVs plugged in and operating for our inspection. Clothes at DAV are a spectacular bargain. Flannel shirts cost as little as 95 cents on the low end and will set you back $3 at the upper edge. Women's jeans can be had for as little as $1.45. Furniture, exercise equipment, and kitchen appliances are also for sale, as are the inevitable 8-track cassettes--Shaun Cassidy, Jim Nabors, and Gordon Lightfoot side by side--and a fine selection of bad landscapes and still lifes.

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