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BEST SPORTS BAR Minneapolis 1998 -

Readers' Choice: Champp's

If you're in search of a big screen with Surround Sound, scantily clad waitresses, and overpriced designer beer to pump up your game day, stay clear of this old-fashioned neighborhood watering hole. This place is for sports fans: blue-collar, worn-white-collar, and college-aged. The seen-it-all wait staff will get you started with a 23-ounce "schooner" of brew (preferably Leinies), a basket of drummies, and a greasy lump of curds. Then, after your favorite team gets started on one of a dozen mounted TVs, you can dig into a juicy burger or, if it's early in the day, a mess of eggs. Because Manning's is close to the UM campus, Gopher alumni and husky, rosy-cheeked freshmen are always in abundance. And while Viking fans aren't welcome in the fall, you have to get a table when the Packers play the Bears. Like every other week, half the bar is populated by expatriates from the Windy City, the other half is bulging with loud-mouthed cheeseheads. When someone scores, this room can make the Metrodome seem like a church.

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