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BEST NURSERY (TAME) Minneapolis 1998 -

Sure, you'll get your tomato seedlings here, and your petunias, even your mixed gladiolus bulbs. But Bachman's real forte is steering gardeners to the higher reaches of horticulture simply by showing us what's possible. Need to spice up that drab hosta patch by the walk? Chartreuse-and-gold "Frances Williams" practically winks at you from the shelf. Fell in love with the goofy "Harry Lauder's Walking Stick" you saw in a catalog, but don't trust it will survive the journey from Tennessee? Bachman's has your Corylus contorta, fresh from the store-owned growing center in Farmington. Still trying to figure out what will grow in that mixture of clay and concrete that passes for your yard? Lavender-clad staffers will gently seek to answer even the most inane questions. Prices are a little steep compared to the discounters, but wait until season's end (early summer for annuals and perennials, early fall for shrubs and trees) and watch the bargains bloom.

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