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BEST LOCAL GIRL MADE GOOD Minneapolis 1998 -

Readers' Choice: Jessica Lange

Right on, sister. Proving that neither the Church's sacred orders nor Uncle Sam can get in the way of a righteous babe, this 70-year-old Minneapolis native joined some 600 civil disobedients last November in a mock funeral at the U.S. Army's School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia. (They were protesting the training of South American military officers at the base.) Along with 21 other protesters, Steinhagen was arrested, fined $3,000, and sentenced to a six-month prison term. Rumor has it that after her release she'll sell her story to Oliver Stone, who plans to cast Courtney Love in the lead role (just kidding). For more information, contact School of the Americas Watch (founded by another local boy, the Rev. Roy Bourgeois) at (706) 682-5369 or

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