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BEST GYROS Minneapolis 1998 -

Falafel King has really thought through every aspect of the gyro. Not content to merely carve the meat off the rotating cone and serve it on a room-temperature pita, the King's minions grill the slices to seal in the flavor and add a crispness component. They swipe the pita with olive oil and grill it, too, until it's fragrant and chewy. They ladle on tzatziki, that lemony, tangy sauce laced with fresh dill. Red-onion slices and tomatoes complete the sandwich. Actually, there is one more thing: a crowning touch that--like the snowcaps on the mountain, the frilly toothpicks in the canapes, the gold flakes in the schnapps--elevates the construct to a new plane. It's a little dollop of King Sauce, a purée of cilantro, lemon juice, jalapeño peppers, and a few secret ingredients.

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Wow, your post just made my mouth water!! This will definitely be dinner tonight!


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