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BEST CONCERT SERIES Minneapolis 1998 -

For variety and enterprise, it's hard to get around the Plymouth Music Series, which stages about a half-dozen concerts each year between October and June. Yeah, they toss up the occasional brick, but look at the ground they cover. Just in the current PMS season, you'll find a Handel oratorio (spiritedly performed), a guest engagement by the King's College Choir, a play with music, the annual tribute to new and/or neglected African American music (featuring poet Rita Dove this year), a collaboration with José Limón Dance, and a concluding, all-English extravaganza. Even such a seemingly routine event as "Welcome Christmas!" featured a dizzying array of musical works, in all manner of ensemble configurations and musical styles, performed at a gratifyingly high level of competence. One might wish for less aggressive Anglophilia, but Philip Brunelle and PMS keep interest high and prices low, year after year.

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