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BEST CLUB DJ Minneapolis 1998 -

Readers' Choice: James Orndorf

In person, DJ E-Tones (a.k.a. Tony Larson) is quiet, unassuming, and modest--which is appreciated, but in this case almost unnecessary: If anybody deserves to sport the self-important attitude that many DJs carry everywhere like it was their favorite box of vinyl, it's E-Tones. Whether at his regular Sunday-night gigs at the Gay 90's or at his occasional appearances at parties 'round the Cities and beyond, the man uses his ear for groove to craft a house mix that's both deep and tight, soulful and frenetic. We've seen the way clubbers bust it the second he glides into a hit--their arms out, eyes closed, torsos spinning, lip gloss and eye shadow sparkling under the swooping lights--and we're glad that he's the one enjoying this spectacle. After all, this kind of success would make most other DJs even more unbearable than usual.

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