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the Twin Cities

Best Fashion Designer

Winsome Goods

It’s tough to be a fashion designer in the Twin Cities. It’s tough to have your own store. Winsome, helmed by designer Kathryn Sterner Sieve, does both. Her line of minimalistic dresses, sweaters, and other garments is accessible without being boring, easy to work into your wardrobe, and feels honest and authentic. Everything is made with a focus on sustainability and ease: Nothing here is a pain to care for, despite a preference for natural materials like silk, wool, and linen. Another cool thing about Winsome Goods? Sieve’s Airstream trailer, which doubles as a pop-up shop and a traveling studio. You can also find Winsome at local stores like Cliché, Golden Rule, and Hazel & Rose.
Readers’ Choice: Samantha Rei

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