Best of

the Twin Cities

Best Tweeter

Kyle Matteson (@solace)

Consider this a lifetime achievement award. Kyle Matteson — IT guy by day, concert junkie by night — was something of an early adopter of Twitter, joining the then-fledgling social network in 2007. He’s since amassed a staggering 77,000 tweets and 250,000 faves. Matteson is a central player among the Twin Cities Twitterati, whether he’s music-geeking on overdrive, yakking about civic to-dos, or exalting gloriously decadent junk food. Sports, cats, beer, politics, tech, whatever — he’s got a take. When it comes to music festival speculation, Matteson is peerless. At its best, Twitter is a vibrant town square or egalitarian salon, and @solace is the friendly, insightful, and witty constant.