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the Twin Cities

Best Timberwolves Player

Karl-Anthony Towns

Since the departure of famed running back/child abuser Adrian Peterson, Minnesota is without a true superstar in men’s pro sports. But within the rather empty confines of the Target Center is a superstar-in-waiting: Karl-Anthony Towns. In just his second season, Towns appears destined to become one of the best players in the NBA. In a game embodied by freaks of nature, he’s among the rarest of mutants: the seven-footer who can drive, handle the ball, rebound, bomb from beyond the arc, and score inside with masculine esprit. His defense could still use some work, as might be expected from a 21-year-old. But if his development keeps pace, Towns promises to deliver the previously unthinkable: a hometown basketball team that’s must-see TV.

Readers’ Choice: Karl-Anthony Towns