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the Twin Cities

Best Dressed

Emily Eaton

The Twin Cities has plenty of well-dressed citizens, but Emily Eaton is someone special. Her super playful, bright apartment was recently featured both in City Pages and on Apartment Therapy, and she carries that same irreverent, colorful, warm spirit into her daily ensembles. Whether she’s rocking sequins, an embroidered denim jacket, aviator eyeglasses, or a red pantsuit, Eaton always looks fab. But, most importantly, she also looks like she’s having fun in her clothes. It’s impossible to not pick up on her positive vibes while perusing her Instagram. Eaton has a knack for mixing patterns, colors, and silhouettes in a way that is trendy and eye-catching without looking too overthought; her outfits are just an extension of her personality, a reflection of how she’s feeling that day. Her clothes simply enhance what’s beautiful and exciting about her, and that’s what makes someone a Best Dressed winner.