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Best Clothing Store (Men)

Buffalo Exchange

The key to shopping at used clothing chain Buffalo Exchange is that you need a modicum of fashion knowledge or it's easy to get fleeced. Prices on the low-to-mid range inventory are embarrassingly close to market value for new items ($20 for a raggedy pair of Levi's — really?). But it's in the upper quality range that BuffEx really shines. Fifty smackers for a tags-still-on pair of Wolverine 1000 Mile boots (retail: $360)? Yes please! Mint-condition Pendleton fitted board shirt (retail: $125) for $25? Sign us up. You'll need to clamp down on your impulse buy instinct. Instead, come back often for short trips to check up on the newest additions, and only whip out the debit card when you know the quality's good and the discount is deep. Pay particular attention to the footwear department, where finding deals like spotless Clark's Wallabies for $30 (retail: $140) is common. For dudes who know the difference in price and quality between Mossimo and Brooks Brothers, there's no better place to score deals.

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