Best Sports Podcast (2014)

Gleeman and the Geek

Aaron Gleeman ( and John Bonnes (Twins Daily) are two dead-serious stat-minded baseball fans who use advanced metrics to explore every facet of the Twins organization. But get a couple beers in 'em and set them up in front of a mic, and the other side of their personalities — the fast-bantering, pop-culture-enthusiast goofballs — spills out. Gleeman and the Geek's weekly episodes feature smart scouting and sharp analysis delivered with a laid-back, shooting-the-breeze buzz, the sort of everyman insights that sports-talk radio doesn't typically have time for. Their baseball instincts are spot-on, even a couple beers in; it's just a bit more casually conversational. But whether the talk stays true to the MLB focus (explaining the arbitration process, giving status updates on prized prospects, goofing on Delmon Young) or wanders into subjects like '90s R&B or their favorite eateries, Gleeman and Bonnes are born entertainers. After more than 130 episodes, that simply means they've honed a facet of their sports-journalism identities that complements their deep-stat nerdery.


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