Nothing beats the whoosh of the wind in your hair, crisp air on your face, and watching the hillside quickly recede as you careen down on a sled. Pretty much any native Minnesotan will know the pleasure of scoping out the perfect hill and going sledding as a kid. No matter how cold or snowy each winter gets, there's always a perfect sledding day. Staring Lake Park in Eden Prairie has the perfect sledding hill for little ones and big folks alike — an expansive 700-foot incline lined with trees on either side (but not dangerously close) and a warming house at the top. The trek up the hill can be a workout, especially if you've climbed to the summit multiple times, but the trip down is so worth it. Sometimes you'll find that industrious kids have built moguls or jumps midway down the hill, so sledding there can be a choose-your-own-adventure where you can work on your Olympic-level sled-jumping technique. Sure, Minnesota's got great skiing and snowboarding, but who doesn't love the feeling of just plopping down on a sled and riding that saucer into the yawning white expanse?

Location Details

14800 Pioneer Trail
Eden Prairie MN 55347


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