A trip out to Big Stone Mini Golf on a sunny day will always be worth your while. Each of the 13 holes at Big Stone are dynamic, challenging, and imaginative. Putt your way through towering sunflowers and grass that'll make you feel like Dorothy traipsing around Oz with a golf club. Try your luck making par with the metal pumpkin leaf hole, or step into a capsized boat — the "Holey Ship" — equipped with numerous stained glass portholes you can peek out of. After sending your ball "Merrily Down the Stream" at hole 13, you can pick up some organic jelly or slurp on a flavored ice pop. Word to the wise: Don't try to putt and eat an ice pop at the same time, it's practically impossible. There's more than just mini golf: Visitors are welcome to explore the metal sculptures dotting the landscape beyond the golf course and a mini petting zoo in the yard with fainting goats you can feed. So forget the rundown windmill of yore, there's a reason this Minnetrista attraction receives tens of thousands of visitors every year.

Location Details

7110 County Road 110 W
Minnetrista MN 55364


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