Let's say you need to buy a gift for a kid, maybe a kid you don't know super well but still care about pleasing. At some stores, it's difficult to choose any kind of present unless you know your recipient is a fan of a certain licensed character. On the other hand, smaller, more charming stores can have limited selections that don't leave enough options open for unsure gift-givers. But ABC & Toy Zone, a local chain with three Twin Cities locations plus one in Rochester, is a veritable good-toy paradise. There are no crappy playthings in sight, but neither are you limited to expensive handcrafted objects. ABC & Toy Zone is also a teaching-supply store, so there are plenty of educational options along with the just plain fun stuff. Puzzles abound for all levels of ability, and there's a big array of Wow vehicles, which rely on friction for their movement so batteries are never a concern. There's a crazy selection of crafting kits at the Richfield store, which is deceptively big and also happens to be in the same strip mall as Patrick's Bakery, so be sure to reward yourself with a delicious pastry after your successful shopping trip. When your gift reaches its target, you're all but guaranteed to be rewarded with an enthusiastic hug and the sweetest misspelled thank-you note ever.

Location Details

2908 W 66th St.
Richfield MN 55423


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