You've seen it before: row after maddening row of Hawaiian T-shirts and used romance novels. Too often, thrift stores are repositories for Jimmy Buffett's hand-me-downs. But show us a brand-spanking-new pair of ladies Italian leather boots for $8 and the hardcover Complete Works of Shakespeare for $3, and we'll spring to life. Don't get us wrong: Arc's Value Village has its share of kitsch, but buried in the clutter are real gems — $30 loveseats, $5 button-ups, and copies of Colliers magazine from the '30s that ought to be preserved in a museum. What truly makes this place such a steal is the combination of old gear and new clothing. It is, in other words, part boutique, part antique. The location in Richfield has gotten love in these pages before, but at the one in St. Paul you're equally likely to find something you didn't even know you needed.

Location Details

2751 Winnetka Ave. N.
Golden Valley MN 55427


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