Don't let the campy Western exterior fool you. Perfect Ash remains a cut above other smoke shops, brimming with passionate and hospitable aficionados who cater to every type of smoker. Those willing to pay an annual fee get access to the adjoining "Lilydale Social Club," a leather-chair lounge where men and women can play poker, have a drink, or pause to take in the view of the Mississippi River. For the novice, a simple trip around the humidor and its selection of 80-plus brands is an overwhelming endeavor. But if you don't have time to browse the website before heading over, don't worry — just ask the staff and you'll get an earful about the nuances of rolling, cutting, lighting, labeling, and tasting. Smokers of all ages and professions, from college students to retirees, belly up to the counter, trading jabs like old friends and puffing on those tightly rolled bundles of dried tobacco. In the words of one old-timer: "It's the thread that brings us all together."

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809 Sibley Memorial Highway
West St. Paul MN 55118


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