Best Place to Buy Furniture (2014)

The Cottage House

Designers at the Cottage House hunt all month long to provide their shoppers a few days of furniture-filled madness each month. The south Minneapolis shop is Minneapolis's largest occasional market, open for a string of days (could be three, could be five) to sell as much affordable furniture, decor, and other odds and ends as they can before restocking and doing it again the next month. Throughout the Cottage House, guests will find kitchen tables and beautiful bookcases at surprisingly low prices, all of which the designers found and refurbished in order to sell. Most of the furniture is painted in a range of hues, from teals and yellows to more neutral shades. Unique lamps and artwork are also available, usually piled on top of trunks, outdoor furniture, and coffee tables. It can feel a bit like a shabby-chic bazaar, but rest assured that each of the pieces is curated by the 15 home-staging designers that run the shop — a few of whom will bring their adorable kids in to help ring you up on your way out the door.

Location Details

4304 Chicago Ave S
Minneapolis MN 55407


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