GM Tobacco isn't your average head shop. In fact, technically speaking, it isn't a head shop at all, despite its vast collection of pipes, bubblers, grinders, scales, and one-hitters. The store, sandwiched between Denny's and Rainbow on the always entertaining corner of Lake and 27th, is like a snapshot of the street vendors of New York, complete with knockoff shoes, hats, sunglasses, iPhone cases, and loads of cheap bling. And if green ain't your thing, GM Tobacco lives up to the latter part of its name with an impressive collection of loose leaf tobacco, e-cigs and e-cig juice, hookahs, shisha, a full wall of cigarettes, and two floor-to-ceiling cases of cigars. GM also offers swords, switchblades, brass knuckles, and a sizeable collection of tasers. We're not sure who's in charge of the store's inventory, but we're their new number one fan.

Location Details

2927 27th Ave S
Minneapolis MN 55406


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